Mixed Business Token Lots

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Mixed Business Token Lots For Sale. They come from secondary sources all over the country. After I pull out the main tokens I want, everything else is thrown into a bucket and mixed up. Could be anything.  I have sold dozens of lots over the past ten years with lots of satisfied customers. There will always be duplications, but we're talking 100's and 100's of tokens per lot.

WARNING!!!!  PLEASE NOTE:  These are indeed mixed token lots.  To keep sorting costs down, they may contain anything including "Heads You Win, Tails You Lose", "Zodiac" and other sex related tokens.   If these or any other tokens may offend you, please let us know.  We will remove anything at your request for an additional fifty cents per pound sorting fee (.50/lb.)   Thank you for your interest

Mixed Token Lots with Generic Removed*

10 lbs. $59.50
25 lbs. $109.50
100 lbs. $385.00
Larger Amts. P.O.R.

Mixed Token Lots with Generic Included

10 lbs. $47.50
25 lbs. $82.50
100 lbs. $305.00
Larger Amts. P.O.R.


* Every effort will be made to have all of the generic removed, but an occasional token may not be.

All prices on orders are post paid and fully insured

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