Casino Token Lots


Ordering Information

CT-1 Quarter-size tokens from casinos, gambling boats, etc.
25 different.
CT-2 100 good mix, with duplication, can include pachinko tokens in group if desired, you chose w or w/o. $25 face.$27.00
CT-3 $1 Vegas, Reno & Other Places as available, ave. circ. 25 different $49.95  
CT-4 $1 Vegas, Reno & Other Places as available, ave. circ.  100 good mix with duplication $175  
Super Special While They Last! Limited Quantity!
CT-5 $125 face - mixed nickel, dime, and quarter tokens, just as they come, with duplication, no attempt at mix in this lot at this price. They're in a bucket and I just count them out. $130
CT-6 Same as above $250 face $250 


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