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World Coin Errors is an extremely fascinating area of coin collecting.  We will be enlarging this considerably over the next months.  Please stop back often to see what is available.

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Full Mirror Brockage on a 270 Kshatrapa drachms.  These are from the Western Straps (or Kshatrapas) in what is now Gujarat, in the general region of the modern city of Ahmadabad.  The ruler can't be identified because the obverse is identical for all rulers, and since the brockage is on the reverse we can't tell which ruler is attached to which coin.  The are 4 pieces in this scan, you can take you pick or buy all 4.

WCE101 $29.50 each coin or $110 for all 4 coins.  See scan.
Egypt, 1203, yr. 13 (about 1802) K145, 1 para, scarce French Occupation item.  Either split planchet piece struck on top of regular coin or extraneous metal struck on top of regular coin, <.1 gm, normal coin .22 gms.  regulr coin in XF $65.00 WCE103 150.00
Egypt, 331, 1342/1924H, VF, some laminations obv. EG159 5.00  
Egypt, 5 mil., 1357/1938, AU, KM363, die defect missing denticles at K12:30, rub on hat EG178 6.00  
Timurid, Timur, 1370-1404, 2 dinars, 1.24 g, Aberquh (7)91  (NOT 901), A-2370, obv. brockage WCE105 75.00
Crimea, Mohammed Gierny I, 1515-23, 1 akce, Kaffa (9)23, K 5.1, A-2071, Double struck AU WCE106 120.00
Gasimid, al-Mutavakki, 1644-76, buqsha, NM ND, A-1130, obv. brockage WCE107 80.00
Turkey, 10 para, 1277/yr.4, KM 700, RB UNC, full brockage reverse WCE108 175.00
Abbasid, al-Mifamid, AD 870-882, A-240, by type, reverse only then flipped, & restruck with reverse WCE109 125.00
Ilkman, Sulayman, 1339-46, 2 d., Ardabil, d.n., A-2254, rare mint, obv. brockage WCE110 60.00
Muzaffarid, Sah Marsur, 1388-93, 1.32g, ND, A-2289.1, obv. brockage, Lar Mint WCE111 75.00
Ottoman Empire, Bayezid II, 1481-1512, 1 akce, NM ND, obv. brockage WCE112 60.00
Qasimid, al-Mahdi Abdollah, 1816-83, .43g, B1 harf, NM ND, obv. brockage, A-1153 WCE115 65.00
Ghazmazid, 1/2 d., Mahmud, 998-1030 NM, ND, rev. brockage  A-1612 WCE119 100.00
Afghanistan, Sher cAl:, 2nd reign, 1285-1291, K206, 1/4 (not 1/2 as in Krause) brockage of rev. WCE120 150.00
ottoman Empire, Suleyman I, 1520-66, Medini Amid 926, brockage, A-1320 WCE122 50.00
Ayyubid, 1 d., Crusader imit. of Al-Zahir Ghazi "Halab" d.o.f., A-836, obv. brockage WCE123 30.00
Ottoman Empire, Osman II, AH1027-31, 2.03 g, onluk, brockage of reverse WCE124 60.00
Ottoman Empire, Suleyman I, 1520-66, NM, ND, 1 akce, obv. brockage WCE125 25.00
Egypt, 1 para, K161, 1223/Yr. 10, Ch. AU-UNC, off center brockage WCE126 45.00
Egypt, 1 para, K161, 1223/Yr. 1, Ch. AU,  brockage, defective planchet WCE127 50.00
Walid, 6 d., temp Amir Wali, 1356-86, 4.25 g, probably A2343,  NM ND, Rev. Brockage WCE131 45.00
Artukids of Mardin, Nasir al-din Artuq Arslan, 1201-1239 AD, Mardin Mint, ND, AE Dirhem, 32mm, 9.57 gm, Brockage, S/S 47, Edhem WCE133 75.00
Ilkhans Uljaitu, 1304-17 AD, Uncertain Mint, Rev. Brockage, VF-XF, 3.95 gms, Ar Double Dirhem, M. 1611-8. WCE134 30.00
Ilk Irinjin, Turji, Alias Gaykhatu 690-694, AH, Ar Dirhem, Brockage, may be very scarce WCE136 35.00
Ayyubids, Al 'Aziz, Mohammed, 1216-37 AD, AEfals, 2.98 gms, Brockage, Bal. 710-13 WCE138 35.00
Soter Megas Kushans, 55-105 AD, AE Drachm, Brocakge, Mitch-ACW-2925/7 WCE139 30.00
Western Satrap Ruler, Indeterminate, CA. 4th cent. AD, Ar Drachm, Brockage WCE141 30.00
Ayyubid, Al-'Aziz 'Uthman, 4.87 gms, AE Fals, 1193-1198 AD, A-798. Brockage WCE142 30.00
Ilkhans (Mongols of Persia), 3rd Period: Rival Khans, Taghay Timur, Dated 1338 AD,                 Ar 2 Dirhams, Type A, No Mint, A-2234 WCE143 30.00
Samanid, Nasr II, 301-331 AH, Ar Dirhem (Balkh), Minted 303, Brockage, A-1451 WCE144 80.00
Artukid, Shams Al-Din, Al-Salih, 712-765 AH, 1312-1364 AD, Ar Dirham, 1.15 gms,                  Very Rare Obv. Brockage. WCE145 30.00
Ottoman, Suleyman I, 926-974 AH, 1520-1566 AD, Ar Akce, .7 gm, Obv. Brockage, (Mint of Cairo?)A-1320 WCE146 15.00
Abbasid, Al-Mustansir, 623-640 AH, Ae Fals, Brockage, Date Not Shown (Irbil), A-274 WCE147 75.00
Ottoman Turks, Suleyman I, 1520-1566, AR Akche (.63gm), Obv. Brockage, WCE149 30.00
Ottoman Empire, Mehmet Celebi, (later Mehmet I), 1402-1410 AD, AR akce, .92gm, Brockage, A-1293 WCE150 15.00
Ottoman, Suleyman I, 926-974 AH/ 1520-1566 AD, AR Akce, .71gm, Obv. Brockage, (Mint of Cairo?), A-1320 WCE151 15.00
Khwarizmshahs, Muhammad Ibn Takash, 1199-1220 AD, Brockage of Jital, 2.94 gm, Davar region of Afghanistan WCE152 22.00
Mongols, Chaghatayid, Time of Tuqa Timur, 1272-1291 AD, AR Dirham, 1.89 gm, Obv. Brockage, Rare, Mint of Otrar, A-1985 WCE154 85.00
Nur Al-Din, AE Fals, Brockage, 6.22gm, Damascus Mint, A-1851 WCE155 30.00
Safavid, Muhammad Khudabandah, 985-995 AH, 1578-1588 AD, No Date (type A of 1578-9 AD), Brockage A-2618 WCE156 35.00
Ottoman Empire Ibrahim, 1049-1058 AH, AR Beshlik (= 5 Akces), NM, ND, Obv. Brockage, slightly bent, A-1379 WCE159 40.00
Shaybanid, 'Abd Al-Latif, 947-959 AH, 1540-52 AD, Ar Tanka, Balkh Mint, Brockage, No Date on Coin A-2986, rare WCE160 65.00
Ayyubid, Al-Za Hir, 1186-1193 AD, Posthumous Issue, 1193-1216AD, Off Center & Brockage, A-837 WCE161 30.00
Ottoman, Suleyman I, 926-974 AH/ 1520-1566 AD, Ar Akce, .76 gm, Obv. Brockage, weak strike (mint of Cairo?) A1320 WCE162 20.00
Samanid, Mansur I, 6. Nuh, 350-365 AH/ 961-976 AD, Ar "Dirhum", 1,24 gm, NM ND, lightweight, rev. brockage, holed, Rare WCE163 165.00
Ottoman Empire, Mehmet IV, 1058-1099 AH, Ar Akce, Rev. Brockage, 105(8) AH, A-1388, very interesting defective planchet WCE165 25.00
Timurid, Shah Rukh, 807-850, AR Tanka, 5.18 gm, c/m "Beh Bud" Mint & date off flan, brockage, A2437 on A2405 WCE166 70.00
Ottoman Empire, Mehmet I, AS Sultan, 1413-1421 AD, AR Akce, 1.09gm, Brockage, A-1299 WCE167 35.00
Ilkhans (Mongols of Persia), Abu Sa'id, 1317-1323AD, AR 2 Dirhams, Baghdad, 3.51 gms, Obv. Brockage, A-2200 WCE168 28.00
Ottoman, Mehmet III, 1595-1603 AD, Struck 1595 AD, Minted at Kostantiniyt, AR Akce, Brockage of Rev. A-1344 WCE169 20.00
Ottoman, Ahmed I, 1012-1026 AH/ 1603-1617 AD, AR Akce, Off center & obv.  brockage, A-1352 WCE170 15.00
Ghaznavid, Mahmud (388-421 AH/ 998-1030 AD, AR Dirham, holed, Ext. rare brockage, maybe unique? WCE171 85.00
Ottoman Empire, Mehmet II, 2nd reign, AR Akce, No mint, Minted 1461AD (865 AH), .87 gm, Obv. brockage A1308 WCE172 40.00
Ottoman Empire, Mehmet II, 2nd reign, AR Akce, No mint, minted 1461 AD/ 865 AH, .93gm, obv. brockage A1308 WCE173 40.00
Ottoman Empire, Mehmet I, AS Sultan, 1413-1421 AD, AR Akce, 1.13gm, brockage, A-1299 WCE174 30.00
The Ilkhanids (Mongols of Persia), Abu Sa'id, AR Dirhem, 1325 AD, Overstruck Brockage!! Mint of Tabriz, Mitchner-WOI-1643 WCE175 40.00
Ottoman Empire, Ibrahim, 1049-1058 AH, AR Akce, Kostantaniye, 1049 AH, 1640 AD, rev. brockage, A-1381 WCE176 20.00
Amir of Ghazna Yildiz, 1206-15 AD/ 602-612 AH, AE Jital, AE15, 3.13 gm, Obv. Brockage TYE 199, WOI-944 WCE177  25.00
Ayyubid, Al-Kamil Muhammad I, 1218-1238 AD, AR Dirham, 2.97gm, Brockage, A812 WCE178 55.00
Ayyubuds, Al Nasir Yusuf, 1237-1260AD, AE Fals, 3.33 gm, Brockage, Bal. 780 WCE179 25.00
Ottoman Empire, Contemporary Imitation!, Ibrahim, 1049-1058AH, AR Akce, Kostantaniye, rev. brockage, A1381 WCE180 18.00
Ottoman Empire, Mehmet II, 2nd reign, AR Akce, no mint, minted 1461 AD/ 865 AH, .90gm clipped & brockage, A1308 WCE181 18.00
Ottoman Mehmet I, AR Akce, 1402-1421 AD/ 806-824 AH, Minted 816 AH, Minted at Balat, brockage WCE182 110.00
Ottoman Empire Ibrahim, 1049-1058 AH, AR Akce, NM ND, obv. brockage, A-1381 WCE183 18.00
Arabian Peninsula Rassid (3rd period), Sharaf Al-Din, 1506-1558 AD AE Fals, ND NM, rev. brockage, A-1117 WCE184 40.00
Ottoman Empire Mehmet II, 2nd reign, Minted 1461 AD/ 865 AH, AR Akce, .90 gm, Mint Serez, Rev. Brockage A1308 WCE185 25.00
Ayyubid, Al-Kamil Muhammad I, 1218-1238 AR 1/2 Dirham, Brockage, A-814 WCE187 45.00
Ottoman Empire Ruler Indeterminate, AR Akce, Kostantoniya, Date off flan, .16gm, rev. brockage WCE188 12.00
Western Satrap Issue, AR Drachm, 2.18 gm, brockage WCE189 12.00
Ayyubid Al-Nasir Yusuf II, 1236-1259 AD, 3.01 gm, AR Dirham, Mint of Aleppo, Minted 1255AD, obv. brockage, Balog 3752 type, A-843 WCE190 25.00
Seljugs of Rum, Kaykhusraw I, AE Fals, 588--592 AH/ 1192-1196 AD, 600-607AH/1204-1210 AD, Brockage WCE191  22.00
Bulgarian Copy Samanid Nasr II, AR 34, Dirham, 2.56 gm, Struck 301-331AH (914-943 AD), rev. brockage, A-1451 WCE192 115.00
Ottoman Empire, Mehmet II, 2nd reign, AR Acke, NM, 1470Ad/875 AH, .92 gm, obv. brockage, A1308 WCE193 18.00
Amir of Ghaza Muhammad, 1199-1320 AD / 596-617 AH, AE Jital, AE14, 2.39 gm, obv. brockage, TYE 226 WCE194 30.00
Khwarizmian, 'Ala Al-din, Muhammad, 1200-1220 AD, AE Jital, 3.16 gm, nice sharp coin, brockage, off-ctr., A-1726 WCE195 30.00
Ottoman, Bayezit II, 886-918 AH/ 1481-1512 AD, AR Akce, .74 gm, obv. brockage, A-1312 WCE196 18.00
Ottoman Selim I, 1512-1520 AD, AR Akce, Bursa Mint, AH918, .59 gm, rev. brockage WCE197 25.00
Gurjuras of Broach, Rana Vigraha, c. 640Ad, AR fractional Drachm, .42 gm, rev. brockage, M-NISWC - 249/51 WCE198 30.00
Artukid, Al-Zahir ISA, 778-809 AH/ 1376-1406 AD, AR Dirham, 1.23 gm, rare obv. brockage, mint of Mardin WCE199 15.00
Seljugs of Rum, Kaykhusraw II, AE Fals, 1236-1245 AD, NM, ND, 3.59 gm, brockage, Paris #1820 WCE200 25.00
Saladin, 1169-1193 AD, Mint of Aleppo (Halab), AE Fals2.94 gm, rev. brockage, A-792 WCE201 25.00
Ottoman, Mehmet III, 1595-1603 AD, AR Akce, .31 gm, holed , NM, ND, obv. brockage, A-1344 WCE202 7.00
Tamerlane (Timur the Lame), (Timur), AR Tanka, 1370-1405 AD, struck 1394-1400 AD, rev. brockage, possibly A-2386? WCE203 60.00
Western Starap Issue, AR Drachm, 1048 , brockage, Full Date, 2.02 gm, off center. WCE206 45.00
Iran, Nasir Al-Din Shah, AR 14, 1/2 Qiran, 1264-1313 AH/ 1848-1896 AD, 2.47 gm, obv. brockage, off center, A-2931 WCE207 38.00
Timurid, Shahrukh, AR Tanka, 5.11 gm, 5th Coinage, 1424-1447 AD, mint of Qazwin, obv. brockage, A-2405 WCE208 70.00
Golden Horde, Jani Beg, 1341-1357 AD, AR Dirham, Russian & Central Asian Mints, rev. brockage, A-2027 WCE209 40.00
Golden Horde, Pulad Khan, 1407-1413 AD, AR Dirham, .74 gm, scarce brockage, A-2055 WCE211 60.00
Post-Mongol Iran, Jalayrid, Sultan Husayn I, Struck 1378 AD/ 780 AH, 1.41 gm, AR 17X15, brockage WCE213 35.00
Golden Horde, Qulna Khan, AR Dirham, 760 AH (1359-1360 AD), Gulistan, 1.50 gm, Very Rare Brockage, A-2032/ WOI-1532 WCE214 70.00
Post-Mongol Iran, Jalayrid, sultan Husayn I, 1376-8 AD/ 778-780 AH, AR16, 1.42 gm, brockage WCE215 35.00
Nasir Al-din, 1264-1313 AH/1848-1896 AD, 1st standard, 5.37 gm, Herat mint, rev. brockage, A-2927 WCE216 22.00
Nasir al-din, 1848-1896 AD, AR 1/2 qiran, Tehran, 1293AH, 2.49 gm, rev. brockage, A-2931, holed WCE217 40.00
Nasir al-din Shah, 1264-1313Ah, AR 1/2 qiran, NM, ND, obv. brockage, A-2931 WCE218 17.00


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