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World Coin Errors is an extremely fascinating area of coin collecting.  We will be enlarging this considerably over the next months.  Please stop back often to see what is available.

Check Foreign Coins such as   Bolivia for some really nice errors too.


Description Inventory # Price Scan
Sweden 2 Kr., 1940, 787, Gem AU-UNC, repunched date SWE294 40.00
Spanish Netherlands - Namur, 2 liard, 1709, F-Vf, KM#3, center double strike SPNETH102 200.00
Italy, Tuscany, 1859, 5 ct., KM 83, full mirror reverse brockage WCE116 125.00
Russia, 1/2 kopek, 1735, KM188, double strike WCE118 75.00
Germany, 3rd Reich, 2 Mk., 1939A, KM93, struck through a lot of grease WCE133 20.00
Port. India 1881, XF-, KM#10, 1/4 rupia, gas bubbles in planchet PORTG120 40.00
India, Kulbarga Firuz Shah, 1397-1422AD, NM, ND AE 1/2 Gani, 5.16 gm, Brockage, Rajgor-2565 WCE219 25.00
German States: Goslar, Free City, KM41, 1 Pfennig, 1638, high grade, rev. brockage WCE220 100.00
German - Empire, 10 pf, 1875C, XF-, huge cud K3-K5 rev. WCE225 50.00
German - empire, 20 pf, #5, 1874A, XF-, cleaned, multiple die breaks, K1-K5 WCE227 25.00
Denmark, 5 Ore, 1907, #806, XF-AU, 2 large die cracks obv. WCE230 35.00
G. Britain, 2p, #428, 1681, F-VF, nice cud rev. WCE233 20.00
German - Empire, 1/2 mk, 1918F, #17, XF+, better date, nice die breaks on both sides, deep die clash on obv. WCE235 45.00
German, W. Rep., 5 pf, 1944D, #101, AU, double die obv., uneven surface. WCE239 50.00
Guatemala, 1/2 r, 1890/789, #155.2, VF-XF, double-center strike GU115 125.00
German - Empire, 20pf, #5, 1876C, VF/'F, multiple die break, massive die clash, esp. seen on rev., cleaned WCE241 20.00
German - W. Rep., 2pf, 1923D, #31, BR. CH. AU-UNC, Die break K12-K6 obv. WCE242 25.00
German - empire, 1 pf, 1875E, XFm 20-30% off center, better date, past cleaning, some corrosion rev. WCE244 150.00
Honduras, 50 ct., #51, 1883P, XF, Huge Cud Rev., Die Crack obv. WCE243 150.00
Canada, 5 cent silver, KM#2, 1880H, VF+, dark rev., amazing lamination across 2/3 of rev., nice! WCE254 25.00
Canada, 5 cent silver, KM#2, 1870, F-, wire rim, cud K10:30 - K11:30 obv., die break K1:30 obv, rub rev. WCE255 35.00
Canada, 5 cent silver, KM#2, 1891 VF-, cracked planchet through both sides, K1 obv, K5 rev. WCE256 30.00
full mirror brockage WCE271A 125.00
Turkey 10 papa full mirror brockage both sides + struck both sides later WCE272A 100.00
Russia 20 kopeek 1908 СПБ эБ  AU 22a.1 struck thru varims artifacts obv RU432 35.00



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