1992 ECU Pattern Errors

On a recent trip to Europe I bought a small collection of ECU pattern errors (the fore runners of the current EURO coinage, struck for approval by a private mint), from the simple to the amazingly exotic.  My estimates are that for the whole series there are less than 1000 errors including all denominations and all types of errors, so even a small off center is a very scarce coin and may be unique or one of just a couple examples. Once this group is sold there won't be any more as I know all of the others have been dispersed around the world.

Ordering Information


The regular sets you see above are available while supplies last at $29.95 each plus shipping & handling.  Just ask for ECU101.



Lot #

Price Scan
Regular Coinage Set Obverse pictured above, reverse under scan dot. ECU101 29.95
 Europa 1 ECU Off Center. The scarcest of the types of patterns in the collection,
and the only one dated 1995. Most 1 ECUs are of the United Kindom. ------
This is a Gem BU example of a nice off center. It is a quarter size coin.
ECU102 89.95
1/2 ECU Possibly a unique item in the 1/2 Ecus. Nicely off center and
a second strike in the blank area. Basically BU Dime size coin.-------
ECU103 99.95
2 ECU 25% or so Off Center, BU.  Nice off center
on larger denomination, half dollar size coin.
ECU104 119.95
10 ECU Off Center, BU ECU105 99.95
1 ECU Gem BU,  w/ Large Clip, almost proof like ECU106 119.95
1/10 ECU Nice Baseball Cap off center, perfect 30 degree angle.  ECU107 $129.95
1/4 ECU Mated pair.  There are 2 colors of 1/4 Ecus, yellow brass and green brass.
This is the yellow brass. This is an unusual mated pair of them
with almost a complete overlap as you can see.
The second coin was struck into an already struck first coin. 
ECU108 $359.95
1/4 ECU Green brass, 85%+/- Off Center ECU109 $119.95
2 Ecu w/ Huge Clip. Basically BU, except for some
discoloration on obv. Tad smaller than half dollar.
ECU110 $129.95


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