China Coin Errors

World Coin Errors is an extremely fascinating area of coin collecting.  We will be enlarging this considerably over the next months.  Please stop back often to see what is available.

Check Foreign Coins such as   Bolivia for some really nice errors too.

Ordering Information


Description Inventory # Price Scan
Hunan, #112, 10 Cash, ND (1902-09), Full brockage, WCE246 250.00
Hupeh, ND(1902-05), 10 cash XF-AU, laminated area missing, UL rev., CH415 30.00
Hupeh, #120aa.6, 10 Cash, (1902-06), 30% off center XF-AU WCE248 200.00
Kiangnan, #143a.9, ND (1903), Very Ch. AU-UNC, Broadstruck WCE250 350.00
Kiangsu-Kiangsoo, 10 cash, ND((1902), VF-XF, 3 large die breaks, #162.4 CH413 45.00
Kwangtung, 1 CASH, 9(1920), #423, XF, struck on crascked planchet, CH405 80.00
Yunnan, 20 Cash, ND (1919) 15% off-center, baseball cap effect CH416 175.00
Szechuan, 200 Cash, 15(1926) VF-XF, #464A, massive die breaks, etc., CH360 75.00
Yunnan, 10ct, ND(1923), #486, cracked planchet CH117 15.00
Hupeh, 10 ct, nd(1895-1907) XF-AU, 2 nice rim cuds reverse CH419 28.50  


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