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Lot # Price Scan
York Nowell ch 199 brass MST154 65.00
New Castle Delta ch 170   MST155 75.00
New Castle Delta ch 170   MST156 75.00
Troy Troy Royal Arch ch 261 shekel MST157 75.00
Conneautville Oriental H.R.A. ch 187   MST158 75.00
York Howell ch 199 alum MST262 85.00
Plymouth Valley Harmony Royal Arch ch 214   MST263 45.00
Westfield Westfield ch 265   MST264 30.00
Philadelphia St.John ch 232   MST265 25.00
Ashland Griscom ch 219   MST266 35.00
Oil city Oil city R.A. ch 236   MST267 35.00
Plymouth Valley Harmony Royal Arch ch 214   MST268 45.00
Philadelphia Philadelphia ch169   MST269 25.00
  Under Grand Lodge Harmony Royal Arch ch 52 shekel MST270 75.00
Philadelphia St.John ch 232   MST271 25.00
Allentown Jordan ch 302   MST272 30.00
Ulysses Ulysses ch 269   MST273 45.00
York Nowell ch 199   MST274 30.00
Philadelphia University R.A. ch256 SKL MST360  
Westfield Westfield R.A. ch 265   MST362  
Phila Jerusalem RAM ch 3 AD 1758 Royal arch degree,
scotish rite
Westfield Westfield R A ch 265   MST369  
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh RA ch 268   MST370  
Philadelphia Philadelphia R.A. ch169   MST364  
Philadelphia Signet RA ch 251   MST498  
Ardmore Montgomery ch 262 RAM   MST499  
Bellevue Bellevue ch 286   MST501  
Philadelphia Philadelphia ch 169 RA Thomas S Stout alumin MST502  
Philadelphia Colombia ch 91 RA   MST540    
Wilkinsburg Wilkinsburg  RA ch 285   MST541    
New Castle Delta RA ch 170   MST542    
West Chester Howell RA ch202   MST543    
Philadelphia Philadelphia ch 169 RA   MST544    
York Howell ch 199 RAM   MST545    
Germantown Germantown ch 208   MST546    
Phoenixville Phoenix ch 198 RAM   MST548    
Ulysses Ulysses ch 269 RAM   MST549    


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