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Lot # Price Scan
Bedford Summitt ch. 74   MST115 65.00
Massillon Hiram ch 18 alum MST116 65.00
Wilmington Wilmington ch 63   MST117 30.00
Ashland Ashland ch67   MST118 30.00
Ottawa Ottawa ch115   MST119 30.00
Cleveland Baker ch 139 shekel MST120 55.00
Cleveland Webb ch 14 Thomas Smith Webb was
Grand Scribe,
General Grand King,
Deputy General Grand High Priest
& died suddenly at Cleveland 1819
MST121 165.00
Wapakoneta Wapakoneta ch 183 shekel MST122A 55.00
Paulding Paulding ch 165   MST123A 40.00
Rock Creek Grand River ch 104 alum MST124A 70.00
Toledo Sanford L Collins lodge396 Edward. M . Heywood MST125 175.00
Wellsville Wellsville ch 55 oct.1854 MST206 25.00
Massilon Hiram ch 18 brass MST207 50.00
Newark Warren ch 6   MST209 30.00
Dayton Unity ch 16   MST210 25.00
Newark Warren ch 6   MST211 30.00
Bryan Northwest ch 45 shekel MST212 55.00
Troy Franklin ch 24 alum MST213 60.00
Norwalk Huron ch 7 brass MST214 50.00
West Salem Oriental ch 128   MST215 25.00
Wellsville Wellsville ch 55 march 1862 MST216 25.00
Troy Franklin ch 24 brass MST217 65.00
West Union West Union ch 185   MST218 25.00
Van Wert Van Wert ch71 RAM   MST489  
Youngstown Youngstown ch 93 RAM   MST490  
Oak Harbor Oak Harbor ch 162 RAM   MST491  
Massillon Hiram ch 18 RAM   MST492  
Napoleon Haly ch 136 RAM   MST493  
Columbus Ohio ch 12 RAM   MST495  
Steubenville Union ch 15   MST496  
Wakeman Wakeman ch 177 RAM   MST550    
Massilon Hiram ch 18 RAM   MST551    
Columbus Temple ch 155   MST552    
Cleveland Webb ch 14 RAM   MST553    
St.Paris St.Paris ch132 RAM   MST554    
Pomeroy Pomeroy ch 80 RAM   MST555    
Lancaster Lancaster ch 11 RAM   MST556    
Norwalk Huron ch 7 RAM   MST557    
Athens Athens ch 39 RAM skl MST558    
Wellston Wellston ch 174 RAM   MST559    
Wauseon Wauseon ch 111 RAM   MST560    
Ottawa Ottawa ch 115 RAM   MST561    
Portsmouth Mt.Vernon ch23 RAM   MST563    
New London New London Royal arch ch 110   MST564    
Delta Octavius water ch 154 RAM   MST565    
Troy Franklin ch 24 RAM   MST566    
Steubenville Union ch 16 RAM   MST567    
Canton Canton ch 84 RAM   MST568    
St.Paris St.Paris ch 132 RAM   MST569    
Wooster Wooster ch 27 RAM   MST570    
Painesville Painesville ch 46 RAM   MST571    
Morrow Morrow ch 143 RAM   MST572    
Philadelphia Tuscarawas ch38 RAM   MST573    
New Lexington New Lexington ch 149 RAM   MST574    
Wauseon Wauseon ch 111 RAM   MST575    
Montpelier Montpelier ch 184 skl MST576    
Cleveland Thatcher ch 101   MST577    
Akron Washington ch 25 RAM   MST578    
Rock Creek Grand River ch 104 RAM   MST579    
Norwalk Huron ch 7 RAM   MST581    
Cleveland Baker ch 139 SKL MST582    
St.Clairsville St.Clairsville ch 17 RAM   MST583    
Wilmington Wilmington ch 63 RAM   MST584    
Wellsville Wellsville ch 55 RAM   MST585    


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