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Lot # Price Scan
Santa Ana Orange ch 73   MST125A 35.00
Vallejo Naval ch 35   MST126 35.00
Ontario Ontario ch 105   MST398 30.00 
Palo Alto Palo Alto ch 93   MST399 30.00 
Fresno Trigo ch 69 RAM   MST400 30.00 
San Jose Howard ch 14 RAM   MST401 30.00 
Sutter Creek Sutter ch 11 RAM   MST402 35.00 
Orange Orange Grove ch99 RAM   MST424 30.00
Ventura Ventura ch 50 RAM   MST425 30.00 
Azusa Azusa ch 80 RAM   MST430 30.00 
Oakland Oakland ch RAM Moise S.F MST527 32.50 
Tulare Tulare ch 71 RAM   MST534 32.50 
Whittier Whittier ch 91 RAM   MST622    
Napa Napa ch 30 RAM skl MST623    
Orange Orange Grove ch 99   MST624    
St. Helena St.Helena ch  63 RAM skl MST625    


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